The New Rules Require College Athletes to Take Smaller, Daily Deals

While six-figure players have been the most prominent, thousands of athletes are making just enough to pay for books and date nights, as part of name, image, and likeness agreements.

Emily O'Donnell, left, and Emelie Curtis, center, teammates on the Duquesne University lacrosse team, finish a lacrosse clinic in Pittsburgh. Credit... Jared Wickerham, The New York Times

Dec. 9, 2021

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PITTSBURGH -- Dean and Traci Curtis could have been banished from their Ohio State University teams in the early 1990s had they done what their 19-year-old daughter pulled off one Saturday last month.

Emelie Curtis taught a lacrosse clinic for pay -- with her status as an athlete at Duquesne University no secret, but instead the selling point for her customers. After two hours of coaching, she came away with about $475.