Stanford University Overview - Provides a World Class Education

Stanford University is located in Stanford, California. Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Stanford students have the combination of a large campus to spread out and the tradition of a small-town academic atmosphere. Stanford's proximity to Silicon Valley means that Stanford has a thriving electronic and technology industry. Stanford's most well-known campus is Stanford University, which is home to approximately 11 thousand students from all walks of life. Stanford University Overview Stanford University provides top-notch educational opportunities to students who are seeking a bachelor's degree and those who would like to further their academic careers.

The Stanford University Overview Stanford University is the home of some of the finest academic institutions in the world including two graduate schools, ten professional schools and a handful of research facilities. Stanford also prides itself on its status as a premier research university. The university's undergraduate program sets the tone for all research-based degrees received at Stanford. For those with an interest in researching the human mind or those who simply wish to become highly skilled computer programmers, Stanford provides ample courses and programs to fulfil their needs.

Financial Aspects Stanford University has an easy time dealing with tuition costs because it is considered one of the cheapest schools on the West Coast by US News and World Report. In fact, you can get admitted to Stanford without having to fill out any financial aid forms. All that you need to do is meet the minimum score requirements. Getting in with little to no money or minimal financial aid is the goal for those with low to medium financial difficulties.

Admission To get into Stanford, you will be examined and assessed based on your high school grade point average (GPA). The Stanford University GPA requirements are 3.5, which is considered quite good in the eyes of many. This is a standard used by many universities when evaluating potential students to ensure they will not be expelled from the undergraduate program. It is also a standard used by law schools nationwide to admit law school applicants.

Co-Resident Programs Stanford offers over 30 different residential options to those seeking admission into its undergraduate program. Students can choose whether to live on campus or in nearby areas. There are also extracurricular activities available to those who are interested in Stanford's liberal arts offerings. Many Stanford students chose to take advantage of the university's many scholarship opportunities for students who demonstrate financial need. Many students were able to receive some type of financial assistance because of their extra efforts in both their academics and extracurricular activities.

Application Consideration The Stanford University application requires a lot of questions, including questions about your high school records. If you had issues in your past academic performances, you may be required to take part in remediation programs. The university does an extensive job of assessing your application for acceptance rate and success rate. Those who are accepted into the top 10% of the applicant pool will have a great chance of being offered an offer to attend Stanford. The GPA requirement is always at least a 3.5, which is one of the lowest in the nation.

Housing The university has a very large enrollment, with over 8,000 students on campus at any given time. Of those students, a large portion of the enrollment is made up of foreign students, who make up over half of Stanford's student body. Stanford has one of the best student populations in the country. Stanford University is located on the beautiful Stanford campus, which is in Men Stanford, CA.

Overall, the Stanford University Overview is quite appropriate when it talks about the accomplishments and strengths that lie behind the prestigious Stanford University. Stanford is a unique place with a unique curriculum to offer to students who are looking to broaden their educational horizons and discover true academic excellence. Stanford University is located in one of the largest cities in California. In addition to providing students with an all-around education, Stanford is also known for its entertainment options, including movies, concerts and sporting events.