College Football Looks to Fundamentals to Combat a 2020 Hangover

Sep 15, 2021

More than one-third of Power 5 teams played eight games or fewer last season. Coaches are now preaching the basics more often than ever. Coach Ryan Day of Ohio State is challenging his players -- and his coaches, too -- to reconsider their approach to fundamental football ahead of this season. Credit... Paul Vernon/Associated Press Sept. 1, 2021 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The football coaches talked for days about the basics: how to carry the ball, more

Yik Yak, the 'Anonymous Chat App' is Back

Sep 13, 2021

Screenshot: Shoshana Wodinsky (Yik Yak) Good news fellow millennials. Yik Yak, the anonymous messaging app that was once very popular among college students all over the country, is back. Roughly four years after the company's co-founders announced the app's shutdown, the company's Twitter account sprang back to life on Monday to announce the app was back for a new generation of Yakkers. We have many questions about the relaunch, including why? Why reboot an app that was in decline sin more

Is Going to University Important?

Sep 12, 2021

There are many people that think that going back to university to get their diploma is vital. This opinion comes from how people might not have the financial means to actually go back and attend college. Financial problems might prevent a person from going back to college though. In order for you to decide if going back to university is right for you or not, you need to consider the benefits that you can receive from it. Many benefits are involved here. One of those benefits is the ability to more

University Of Washington Overview

Sep 12, 2021

The University of Washington is one of the best colleges of education in the whole of the United States. This university offers degrees and majors in all divisions including Liberal Arts, Academic, Health Sciences, Management and a lot more. The school also offers masters and doctoral degrees. The major courses include Accounting, Arts and Design, Business, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Education, Economics, Engineering, History, Humanities, Law, Marketing, Political Science, Social Scie more

Why Should You Apply To Dartmouth?

Sep 12, 2021

The College at Dartmouth has a rich background in the sciences. The University features one of the oldest Colleges in the United States and it prides itself on a "small campus" vibe. Because of this, students often transfer to other schools or remain within the university system. Some choose to pursue graduate studies while others opt to complete internships or volunteer positions within the scientific community. As you will discover from the information below, the strengths and disadvantages of more

Duke University Overview

Sep 12, 2021

When people think about Duke University, they think about the Blue Devils basketball team and all of its accomplishments. They also may not be aware of some of the other great advantages and benefits that they can experience at this globally recognized university. Duke has one of the highest graduation rates in the nation, and it is widely regarded as one of the top schools for highly educated students. If you are interested in obtaining a degree from any of the many colleges and universities at more

A Northwestern University Overview

Sep 12, 2021

For students who wish to apply for an undergraduate degree program at Northwestern University, the first step is making the decision to apply. This is a challenging and thorough process. After making initial contact with a faculty adviser, a student should then prepare for a formal college-board meeting on campus to discuss academic preparation and to select an application portal. The student will need to confirm acceptance to the university via the portal. There are several options that stud more

Johns Hopkins University Overview

Sep 12, 2021

When you hear the name of "Johns Hopkins University," you may picture a university with world-class faculty, globally recognized research facilities, as well as extensive medical and educational establishments. You may also think of famous personalities like Dr Zeynep Toure, formerly a Johns Hopkins University alumnus; Dr Robert J. Whitlock, former curator of the Johns Hopkins Museum of Natural History; and Mr Theodore E. Allen, a member of the Johns Hopkins faculty. However, a closer look may r more

California Institute of Technology Overview and Programs

Sep 12, 2021

The California Institute of Technology is well known as Stanford University. It is one of the prominent Stanford schools, providing a broad range of courses and degree programs. In addition to this, the school offers a number of internship programs and fellowships for students who wish to pursue professional studies in the field of engineering. It also has a very prestigious placement program for those students who wish to apply for a job at NASA. The California Institute of Technology is loc more

The Pros and Cons of a University of Pennsylvania

Sep 12, 2021

Everyone is well aware of the Ivy League, a collection of eight private universities defined by their strict membership in the Ivy League. The Ivy League also includes Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Cornell, Columbia, Harvard University, and the University of Pennsylvania. These are the powerhouses of higher education. There are many common characteristics between these universities that lead to similarities, but there are also important differences that should be considered. It is easy to see why Iv more