College is not designed to prepare you for the job market

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When I began working at a startup, the first realization I got was that my four years of marketing experience was insufficient for what was ahead.

I was hired as a Marketing Associate within two weeks of entering as an Intern , with the aim of helping the marketing area generate leads (at that time I had no idea what a lead was).

My job was to create articles for social media. That was the first time that I was faced with SEO strategies through SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM. They were unfamiliar terms to me at the time. But thanks to my boss and my desire to learn, I was able to get to grips with them.

It was strange, especially since at university, they taught us about Phillip Kotler and his work, the 4Ps, history of Starbucks, McDonalds, and Coca-Cola.

Just as I was beginning to grasp the thread of how they were made, what they worked for, and how results could be measured, the unthinkable happened (at the time): a global pandemic that left millions of people out of work, including myself.

Realizing the reality of my situation made me realize how little I really knew and how much I needed to learn.

This did not make me give up learning, on the contrary, it made me realize something fundamental:

My path was just beginning.

Constant learning, essential to improve

You must make wise choices about what you view on the internet. It is not about seeing content that doesn't add anything, but finding the right balance.

You can use digital tools to become a specialist in a field that will allow you to excel in your current job. You can take this example as an example. Although I am a marketer, I specialize in data analytics to help create effective strategies with real data. All I had to do was find the ideal course for me, sign up, and take the sessions.

This will allow to you to see the tools being used today in real-time. Technology is continually evolving and improving, so you have to do the same in order to stay on top of it all.

This will allow you to be competitive and get a better job, expand you vision, and give you the knowledge you need to start your own business.

If you dare to knock, the doors will also be open.

Nothing will ever fall from the sky.

A perfect world would see graduation as: getting paid well, working and having the ability to live a full, fulfilling life.

The real world is quite different.

Graduating can mean uncertainty, applying for many jobs, getting rejected for lackof experience, or even settling for their first offer (regardless if you like the job).

You can also pursue entrepreneurship. This is a difficult path if you don't have a clear idea of what you want, how you want it to help, and what problem you will solve.

Fortunately, there is something that I think will be of great help to you along the way:

It's possible to believe it.

Believe that your vision can be realized, believe in solving problems and believe that you are capable.

This is crucial, as a person who knows what they know and has security in what they can give stands out from one who doesn't know where they are going or what they can contribute.

Once you have that confidence, it is now time to knock on doors. Many opportunities in my professional life were offered to me because I was brave enough to take the first step. Because I know I have a lot of value, I sent the message.

Make all the mistakes you can

One thing unites the most successful people I have ever met:

They've made many errors.

Make mistakes, learn from them and improve your life. They are essential for life. You can't spoil yourself and learn.

The process is far more important than the end result. You won't last long if you don't enjoy the process. The results will also not come. It is essential to find something you are able to do every day. You will be able to endure longer and gain more experience.

It is not a coincidence that many of the people we consider successful are experts in their respective fields. These people have been repeating similar actions for years in order get to where you are.

Making mistakes can be a positive sign. It means that you are taking steps to improve your performance. Those are the foundations of success. However, it is important to learn from your mistakes so that you can make better decisions next time.

Find a mentor, they will make your way easier

"The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves." Steven Spielberg.

Finding a mentor who has been on the journey you want to take is crucial. This can help you save time, money, and even stop you making mistakes.

Mentors are life-hackers. It might be someone that you admire (I have known people who have had Bill Gates or Steve Jobs serve as mentors), but my suggestion is that it be someone that you know. Because people who come from other countries or live in different eras to you will be more difficult to get along with.

It can be hard to find the right mentor. Entrepreneur published this article to help you.

It doesn't matter how you look at it or what kind of person it is. As long as it works for you, it will be enough.

These lessons were learned by making mistakes. This is why this article was written. I hope it helps you to improve your skills and to realize that patience is essential for everything.

Don't quit if you are unhappy in your job or have tried unsuccessfully to start a new business.

Everything is temporary.