College Football Rule Changes for 2021

Officials made some tweaks to the rule book for 2021. However, there could be more revisions next year.

James Franklin, Penn State's coach, called for a 2-point conversion in a match against Michigan State. 2-point conversions in overtime will become more common under a new rule. Credit... Barry Reeger/Associated Press

Published August 31, 2021 Last Updated September 3, 2021

With all of the changes around college sports this year -- players making money off their fame, new policies on transferring and an eased-up approach to the coronavirus pandemic -- perhaps it seemed impossible to squeeze more tweaks into 2021.

You should read the rules of football.

This year is considered an "offyear" for the game's rule rewriting. The next wholesale review is scheduled for 2022. This season, only certain circumstances could allow for changes, such as when the modification would impact player safety or if a rule is not "achieving its intended purpose".

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