A Northwestern University Overview

For students who wish to apply for an undergraduate degree program at Northwestern University, the first step is making the decision to apply. This is a challenging and thorough process. After making initial contact with a faculty adviser, a student should then prepare for a formal college-board meeting on campus to discuss academic preparation and to select an application portal. The student will need to confirm acceptance to the university via the portal.

Northwestern University Overview

There are several options that students have when they are preparing for their Northwestern application. They include applying directly to the school; applying through the online Master's program; obtaining an application fee waiver from the school, and completing the online course with a score that meets or exceeds the minimum prerequisites. In the event that a student does not meet all of the prerequisites, they can still enrol in the program and pursue their degree at the same high-quality standard that their counterparts in other schools are pursuing. This is a significant advantage that no other institution can compare to.

Students who are accepted into the Master's program at Northwestern University are automatically placed in their first-year classes. In order to ensure that each incoming student is treated equally by the professors and staff, their academic performance is the first thing that is considered by the admissions committee. As such, it is important for each student to come highly prepared for their first year of college.

In terms of personal character, there are three areas that are considered by the admissions team. The students who have a good academic record, a personal caring attitude, and who possess leadership skills and who are responsible and well organized are considered to have a good personal character that will serve them well throughout their educational experience at Northwestern University. This is what makes the students who are placed in upperclassmen classes are given the highest levels of consideration for admission to the undergraduate degree programs at Northwestern University.

In terms of leadership ability, there are two different tests that are administered to each incoming freshman class that are used to evaluate this area. The first test is the Western College entrance exam and the second is the Academic Competitiveness Exam. Both of these tests assess students on specific leadership abilities and strengths that are required to effectively perform in the business world. The students who score at least 75th percentile in either test are then automatically considered for admittance to the undergraduate level at Northwestern University.

Another important aspect of the academic nature of Northwestern University is that all admitted students are required to take and pass a One Credit course. This requirement is actually the first step in setting the tone for the students' academic career. This is the beginning of a process wherein a student will be able to recognize his academic strengths and weaknesses and use those strengths and weaknesses to his greatest advantage. This will allow for him to focus on his academic performances in order to excel in his courses. Also, this enables him to develop strategies on how he can best utilize his time while taking his classes.

One other aspect of Northwestern University that has made it stand out among hundreds of other schools is its amazingly low GPA requirement. Unlike many colleges and universities that have incredibly high GPA requirements, Northwestern boasts extremely low GPA requirements. It is also interesting to note that they actually have no minimum GPA requirement for entering their undergraduate level. They simply judge a student's competence based on how well he or she performs in the academic arena. This aspect of the academic nature of the school has made it a favourite of parents and of students alike.

The summary given above about Northwestern University reveals its amazing achievements in terms of academic excellence, community services, athletic achievements, and the importance of having a good academic record. However, it is important to also understand that the majority of undergraduates leave with a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts. Many do not pursue any of these degrees because their scores did not meet the minimal requirement to enter the school. This is because Northwestern University has adopted a comprehensive and detailed approach to admissions. As such, their process not only ensures that each of their students receives a first-rate academic education but also lifts them above and beyond the minimum standard required for entry into the university.