A Cog in the College Admissions Scandal Speaks Out



John Vandemoer (43), describes in a new book how Stanford became a target for college admissions scandals. Credit to Jenna Garrett, The New York Times

An ex-sailing coach plead guilty to paying bribes for Stanford's athletic program. His colleagues knew where the money was coming.

John Vandemoer, 43, describes in a new book the environment that made Stanford a ripe target for the college admissions scandal. Credit... Jenna Garrett for The New York Times

  • Published September 27, 2021 Last updated October 9, 2021

California Route 92 runs west through the Santa Cruz Mountains, which separate Silicon Valley and Half Moon Bay. It takes less than 10 miles to travel from Silicon Valley to a quiet coastal hamlet, where the summers can be foggy and the surf rough. Honey, artichokes and snap peas can also be purchased by the side of California Route 92.

It provides a sanctuary from the turmoil on the other side.

So it is not just serendipitous that John Vandemoer chose to rebuild his life there.

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